Janify is RAWK SOLID!

Oct 01, 2015 by Montae

Extremely happy with the results of the carpet cleaning in my home, especially their attention to detail and their bedside manner when it comes to dealing with inquisitive people such as myself. They were extremely friendly and helpful. High traffic areas of our living room carpet is completely unnoticeable after 9 years of the same carpet. Dog stains that we have tried for years to get out are no longer showing, even 2 weeks later they are truly still gone!!! They did an Outstanding job and got right to work and were completely professional and efficient. I will continue you to do business with Janify and recommend to friends and family when it comes to cleaning the carpets of my home! Pricing is fair and reasonable, and the quality of the work, I'm just left stunned! I honestly believed their was no hope for this carpet and replacement was the only option. Janify literally saved me hundreds and hundreds of dollars. They deserve and have earned every star thats available for a rating! You are absolutely getting more than your money's worth choosing Janify to get your home back to looking immaculate and show worthy again. Thank you for all you've done for the appearance of our home! Janify Carpet Cleaning is RAWK SOLID!

The Best!

Dec 19, 2014 by Mandy

I used other cleaning companies before Janify. The previous ones did a horrible job, as the carpet stains looked exactly the same. I also tried many over-the-counter cleaners, but no luck. I was amazed with Janify. The carpet stains were gone, like magic. I used Janify several times over the past few months, because my blind dog kept going to the bathroom on the carpet during her last days. I will never use another company. Not only are they the best in cleaning carpet, but they have very good professionalism, are very nice, easy to make appointments, and at a good price. Thank you guys so much :)

Jul 25, 2014 by Cookie

Wonderful service extremely professional, your carpet looks new and they leave it nearly dry.

Awesome using yearly!

Jun 02, 2014 by Melanie Preston

Janify cleaned our carpets after we purchased a new home. The carpets were filthy and they came back after the initial cleaning to do some spot cleaning and touch ups just to try and get out stains I never assumed would come up! Most of them did! I just scheduled another cleaning for a few rooms this year! Clean carpets here we come!

Incredible experience with Janify!

Mar 25, 2013 by Jeff Milam

Janify did absolutely excellent work. From the high quality of their work, to their attention to detail, very reasonable pricing, professionalism, and punctuality, my wife and I were extremely happy and would work with Janify again and again, and freely refer them to our friends. We were also very impressed with Janify's responsiveness to all of our needs, their desire to go above and beyond, and the concern they showed that we were truly 100% satisfied with the project and the outcome. In fact, when a blue paint stain in the carpeting in one of our upstairs bedrooms wouldn't come out through their traditional stain removal methods, Janify actually came back another day with a stronger solvent to try to remove the blue pain stain and successfully removed stain for us, and at no additinal charge. We were very impressed! When their work was complete, the carpeting and travertine tile flooring looked 100% improved and like new again! We highly recommend Janify!!

Fantastic Customer Service

Mar 01, 2013 by Sheri

Janify was very professional and courteous. My carpets look wonderful. I highly recommend their service.

Jun 04, 2012 by Steve McLain

I am very pleased with the quality and price these guys did for my carpets today. They look like new! I'd highly recommend them and will used them as needed in the future!

Wonderful Knoxville Carpet Cleaners

May 01, 2012 by Joyce

Janify did an excellent job, my carpets look wonderful. I will definitely use this company in the future and certainly recommend their service. Great job!

Janify Carpet Cleaning 865-309-4999 1309 Willow Grove Dr knoxville tn, 37932 USA 5.0 5.0 8 8 Extremely happy with the results of the carpet cleaning in my home, especially their attention to detail and their bedside manner when it comes to dealing with inquisitive people s

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