Janify Carpet Cleaning

Janify specializes in Carpet Cleaning, Tile Cleaning, and Water Damage Restoration in the Knoxville, TN and Birmingham, AL areas.

At Janify our chief aim is health conscious cleaning. Our Carpet Cleaning falls right inline with our philosophy. Effective carpet cleaning starts at the root of the fibers and cleans to the tips of the fabric. This is how every other fabric is cleaned, carpet cleaning is no different.

Our residential carpet cleaning begins with a pretreatment of all carpet fibers. Janifys cleaning solution is the secret to our health conscious cleaning approach. Once the fibers have been pretreated your home is ready for our steam-extraction process. We use the industries leading carpet cleaning truck-mount in order to create the highest amount of heat possible to break down the oils that carpet fibers, over time, collect. These oil’s house allergens, dust mites, and other grime that negatively affect the health and vitality of your home. This method of carpet cleaning actually washes the fibers of your homes carpets to restore them to their natural state. This isn’t a hobby for us, this is our profession, and we hope you will allow us to serve you!

  • Fast Dry Times
  • Revitalizes the Appeal of a room
  • Increases Indoor Air Quality
  • Extends the life of the carpet

Janify has several carpet cleaning services (Stain Removal, Carpet Protector, Odor Removal) our carpet cleaning technician will be happy to explain the benefits to you.