Price Is What You Pay, and Value Is What You Get

When you begin your search for a quality carpet cleaner, you’ll discover a wide variety of cleaning methods and prices.

All major carpet manufacturers either require or highly recommend hot water extraction by certified technicians.

Truck-mounted hot water extraction is recommended for the following reasons:

       1. It uses extremely hot water. Janify’s machinery is capable of producing hot water up to 250 degrees.

       2. It shoots the cleaning solution into your homes carpet fibers at high pressure, breaking up the oil, dirt, bacteria, chemicals, and pollen.

      3. The equipment uses an extremely strong vacuum to draw the dirt, chemicals, bacteria, pollens, and smoke residues out of your carpet. This equipment cost nearly $80,000 and there is           no substitute.

PRICE: Not surprisingly, it costs more to have your carpets cleaned thoroughly by a professional certified technician that uses hot water extraction.  And it certainly costs more than renting a shampooer at the corner grocery store. Believe it not, some so-called “pros” actually use the same rental machines too!

There are times when a small shampooer (owned or rented) might be all you need when emergency cleanings arise.  And it will get out some of the dirt, but the key word here is “some.” It is simply not powerful enough to remove the pollens, chemicals, bacteria, dust mites and pollution residues. And their tiny vacuum motors are notorious for leaving behind a lot of residue which causes your carpet to RESOIL VERY QUICKLY.

 VALUE: If you want your carpet to look good and last for years – then you need to have it cleaned by a qualified professional technician at least every six months to one year, depending on the amount of soiling and traffic you have in your home.  And to maintain a HEALTHY HOME, you need to have it cleaned and sanitized thoroughly, as only a powerful hot water extraction machine can do.

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