Janify’s Wood Floor Services

Wood Floor Cleaning

Wood floor cleaning is the ideal solution for hardwoods that are in need or a refreshing. Over the years a buildup of dirt and grime get ground into the finish of the floor and it deprives the hardwoods of their finish. A professional cleaning is all that is required to restore them to their look and luster. Janify’s hardwood floor cleaning process is a simultaneous application of cleaner, scrubbing of the hardwoods, and recapture of cleaning solution, dirt, grime, and previous polish. Once the hardwoods we lay down a polish that will make your hardwoods the talk of the neighborhood.

“Sandless” Wood Floor Restoration

Sandless wood floor restoration is a perfect solution to repair scratches and scrapes that don’t require a full sanding and refinishing. Give us a call and we would be happy to qualify your floors- if Sandless refinishing is an option, it will be one that your are most grateful for- you can get the new wood floor look, at a fraction of the cost or time expense.

Dustless Wood Floor Refinishing & Repair

If your hardwoods are scratched or even severely damaged a professional refinishing can make them look new again. Dustless refinishing is far preferable to the traditional method of refinishing- which scatters dust particles all over your home and leave you without access to the particular area of the home for days, and sometimes weeks. At Janify we offer dustless refinishing, we utilize a powerful and efficient vacuum system to trap the dust and ensure that your home and furnishings aren’t aren’t harmed by the refinishing. Once sanding is completed Janify’s technicians will coat the hardwoods with a polyurethane coat to leave the classic sheen that has become so famous for fine home hardwoods.