Odor Removal

Janify is your Odor Removal Experts, weather its Pet Odor Removal, or of unknown origins. Janify’s Odor Removal process can cut the foulest of foe’s down to size and leave your home with a feeling of freshness thats gratifying.

Janify Odor Removal solution contains live enzymes that rid your carpet of the bacteria that creates the unpleasant odor. Its important to not only treat the spot but instead to spray the entire room, the procedure ensures we catch all bacteria that may have began to spread. Weather it is Pet Odor Removal or generic Odor Removal. Janify does it right, to ensure the unwanted is replacement with a noticeable freshness that will last.

Don’t spend another day walking in your home only to be attacked by an unpleasant odor.

  • Pet odor Removal
  • Generic Odor Removal
  • Complete Coverage (Wall to Wall)

Pet odor removal process begins with a pretreatment of the spot with our enzyme digesting neutralizer. This is the most important part of the process, without getting rid of the bacteria that causes the smell, the unpleasant odor will return. The enzyme must be allowed to dwell on the stain for a short period of time, and then must be extracted out of the roots of the fibers and even down to the pad. All of this work is done topically with a specialized tool and an extremely powerful machine to draw all the moisture out of the roots of the fibers.  Then the tips of the fabric are treated with an Australian Tea Tree extract to ensure a pleasant smell and complete deodorization.

Pet Odor Removal The Janify Way!

  • Enzyme Digesting Neutralizer
  • Water Claw Extraction
  • Australian Tea Tree Post Treatment

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