The Truth About Chemicals….

First a little about us…

We buy our fiber cleanse exclusively from one manufacturer. We do this because they are THE ONLY manufacturer that offers enzymes grown in the USA. In fact, they come from a   farm just south of us in Georgia. We believe the level of quality control is unmatched in any other plant in the country; Consequently, they are among the most expensive cleaning agents manufactured for our industry. We are willing to take that cost because we believe that when we step into your home, we are bringing nothing but the best.

Dangers of Synthetic Chemicals

“Synthetic chemicals, untested for their disruptive effects on the hormone system, are likely at least partly to blame for a global increase in birth deformities, cancers and psychiatric diseases, but manufacturers’ lack of transparency means the problem could be even more serious, according to a report by the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Health Organization.” 

“A growing body of evidence suggests that many synthetic chemicals once considered safe can be harmful to the developing fetus, infant, and child. There is particular concern about the developmental effects of substances known as endocrine-disrupting chemicals (EDCs), which can mimic, block, or alter the synthesis, transport, binding, or metabolism of endogenous hormones.” American Family Physician 

This are a few of the many reports that are now being documented by national and global organizations in regards to the potential health hazards of synthetic chemicals.

Going Green Isn’t Enough!

Janify believes that isn’t not enough to simply “Go Green”. We take a holistic approach to our product & process. Our equipment, cleaning agents, and entire system were designed to decrease the amount of bad bacteria in the home while leaving the carpets totally clean and fresh.


Carpet Cleaning is an unregulated industry…

Its a fact- there are no rules, parameters, or standards that are required adherence in our industry. This is why it is so important for consumers to be cautious about whom they allow in their home. This is exactly why we created our “Free Report”, to arm customers with information about the industry so they can be educated when selecting a service provider.